Monday, March 15, 2010

Teen Society; individuality or conformity?

It has come to my attention that a huge proportion of today's teenage population (yes, I am well aware that this does include me, shudddup) find it essential that they take part in a "non-conformist" sub-culture. Although, this term 'non-conformist' brings with it much ambiguity these days. Seeing as though being "different" and "individual" is now a societal 'norm', does the defeat the underlying purpose in the first place?
I was sitting having coffee the other day and I realised that the group of high-school girls sitting across from me were dressed, not to impress, but to defy normality and convention (you know what I mean, purple hair, everything pierced), but the thing that really got me thinking was that everything they were talking about, I have previously heard from hundreds of others.

All of their conversation was solely structured around the dialogue and events that I have seen on various adolescent-based T.V. shows. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and generally destructive debauchery were the main hot topics.

So, the point of this rant is, are they truly individual or just clones of this new and evolving "individual scene"?

In saying all of this, I have nothing against these rowdy, sexually confused, substance abusing teens (fuck, I was, and still slightly am, one of them).
What I'm really curious about is how they would define themselves and the sub-culture they group themselves in.

I highly encourage discussion, input, abuse and criticism on my thoughts!

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  1. I'd like to actually make an input in this, but my sister watching TV real loud right behind me won't let me think.

    Anyway, you've got a great blog here! Very insightful and interesting remarks, plus you write really well. :)